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The purpose of our courses are:

to contribute to the interested person the knowledge, abilities and the technical competence required to carry out a suitable process of food manupulation, which results in a better quality of products elaborated in the establishment, with which diseases transmitted by foods are avoided. Making sure that to be in fulfillment with the norms of the Department of Health of the state.


Through this course you will be able to:

Identify the main causes of contamination of foods. as well as the diseases that are transmitted through foods under these conditions.

Know the correct hygiene's habits in the elaboration and manipulation of foods.

Distinguish the different stages by which they pass foods in its process of elaboration and the tactically important points of control to diminish any risk of disease within a service of foods and drinks.

Verify the sanitary norms of the processing of preparation and service of foods, among other knowledge.


By the means of our courses you will be able to obtain the following certificates:


Certificate of "Food Handler"

It is an obligated requirement of the Department of Health, that all person in contact with nutritional products, obtain the certificate of "Food Handler" (Food Manipulation).

This course qualifies to handle food products under the supervision of a manager, it enables in the basic knowledge of hygiene and nutritional health as well as transport and storage of foods. The duration of the course is 3 hours, videos and material printed information is given to study. This certificate will have the approval of "ANSI" which will make it valid for all counties within the State of Texas.

Certificate of "Food Manager"

It is an obligated requirement of the Department of Health, that in an establishment where it finds food manipulation, there needs to be at least one person present per shift that is Certified in Safe "Food Manager". This course qualifies you to supervise and to direct other employees in the safe food handling, also enables in the advanced knowledge of hygiene and nutritional health as well as transport and storage of foods, allergies, handling of plagues, control of facilities and adapted equipment, etc. The duration of the course is 8 hours, videos, and material is given to study. This course is designed in interactive and dynamic form, which contributes to an excellent percentage of approval. The test consists of 90 questions, and at least 75% need to be answered correctly for approval. The examination is evaluated by the "National Restaurant Association",

an organization recognized in all of the United States.

Once obtained the Certificate, you are qualified to handle your own business or of being responsible for an establishment under the authorities of the "Health Department" of its county.


ETSC is not responsible for the errors that the student can commit when filling his/her exam, is neither responsible for the student approving or not of this course.





"TABC Seller-Server Certification Course"

Powered by Learn2Serve (#454-508) approved training provider.

"Food Handler Training and Certification Course"

Powered by Learn2Serve. ANSI Accredited as meeting the ASTM E2659-09 standard.

"Food Manager Training and Certification Course"

Powered by Learn2Serve. Approved by the American National Standards Institute and

the Conference for Food Protection (ANSI-CFP)

"HACCP Training Course"

Powered by

"Forklift - Safety Training Course"

Powered by

Meets the OSHA and ANSI requirements for powered industrial trucks.



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