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“Food Manager Course"


The term “Food Manager" talks about the one in charge with the responsibility of the fulfillment and supervision, in the establishment, of the processes and correct handling of foods according to the regulations, briefly, includes all the mentioned previously referring to course of Manipulation of Foods in more depth.


To whom it is directed:


It is an obligated requirement of the Health Department, that in an establishment where it finds food manipulation, in any one of its stages of processing, until arriving at the hands of the consumer, with at least one (or more than one person) present in each shift that is Certified in Safe "Food Managers". The Registered person will have to supervise and correct to the personnel in charge at all times, therefore the course of Food Handling for Manager ("Food Manager"), qualifies the employee to handle a nutritional product establishment being that this person in charge of himself before the authorities of the Health Department.


Tematic Points


·  How to Providing safe foods.

·  Forms of contamination.

·  Purchasing, Receiving and Storage.

·  The Flow of Food: Preparation.

·  Security of the facilities and handling of plagues.

·  Food Allergies.

·  Cleaning and Sanitizing.

·  Principles of HACCP: what it is and how to apply.


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