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“Course of Food Manipulation” (Food Handler)


The "manipulating food" term, includes all the people who can make contact with the final product or a specific ingrediant in any stage which they go from a source, the farm for example, to the consumer. It is recognized that the responsibility of application and the monitoring of the techniques of manipulation of foods in a given establishment, is fallen upon all the personnel, from the director to the last operator. Although all do not enter direct bonding with foods.


To whom it is directed:


This course is directed to all the people who work in productive activities directly related to the Nourishing Industry, in establishments such as: restaurants, hotels, bakery, gas stations that prepare (serve and/or sell foods), hospitals, scholastic, institutional dining rooms that serves foods to minors and greater adults, as well as in productive units who dedicate themselves to processing dairy, fruits and vegetables, meats, land-industry, including those who participate in fairs, parks or public routes. In addition, this course can be taken by whoever needs to obtain or renew their card of "food Handler certification", or when it is asked for as a requirement to occupy a job.

This course does not require previous experience and is directed to all the public.


Thematic points


· Legislation and responsibilities of the safety food.

· Foods and the microorganisms.

· Controlling Time and Temperature.

· Good Personal Hygiene.

· Controls during the food production/Cross-Contamination.

· Conditions of the infrastructure and equipment of an establishment of food industry.

· Cleaning and Sanitizing

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