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Empresarial Training support & Certifications, is a company dedicated to the Certification of Safe Food Handling through ServSafe Certified & Proctor for the National Restaurant Association. We offer Consultancy on the handling of Foods so that it can apply them to its business and being prepared at the time of Inspections of the Department of Health.

The success of a program of Safe Handling of Foods depends on the knowledge of the employees when apply the best practices of health and cleaning. It is fundamental that a food establishment maintains a Manual of Operations for employees so that after the qualification has taken place, they review with the purpose of guaranteeing the fulfillment of the requirements of the Food Code, as well as the fulfillment of the Policies and Procedures. Empresarial Training support & Certifications, may help your organization to establish an excellent Food Handling Program.





Our Goal it is to provide to your employees with the knowledge in the food manipulation according to the techniques and norms of hygiene established by the effective  National Legislation, that allow the innocuous food obtaining, protecting the health of the consumers, by means of the following services to help your business:

Certification National Registry of Food Safety Professionals

Certification ServSafe ® Employee Training

Food Safety Classes

Food Handling and Safety Internal Audit


If you HAVE BEEN CLOSED by violations to the Food Code or has received SANCTIONS and/or FINES by the Department of Health, we can help you, working with you to solve the problems in your establishment, avoiding this will happen again to you.

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